Yesterday, Zendaya addressed the reason she dropped the Aaliyah role on Instagram. It had NOTHING to do with ugly ass haters. There were production issues, not even being able to get rights to the songs and overall the family was not for it and Zendaya respectfully bowed out because she has enough respect for herself as an actress and to her idol Aaliyah to do anything that wasn’t done in the best possible way for her. She congratulated the new face of the role, Alexandra Shipp.

Personally, I felt like Lifetime should’ve dropped the movie a while ago since Zendaya dropped out…how in the hell are you gonna do this movie without permission to move forward by her family and plus you aint even got the publishing rights to the songs. And on top of THAT Wendy messy ass Williams is now stepping in as executive producer…okay. What in the fuck does she know about producing movies?? All in all, I’m glad she left…it’s a mess.

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At 6:59 Mack Wilds says that Tinashe could DEFINITELY get it for his dream Birthday sex. I think her and Mack are pretty cute..but idk it seems like he messes with a lot of girls. He’s cool though. What do you you guys think? Minashe or nah? Lmao

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So y'all just gonna let Mack Wilds get off easy saying Tinashe can get it on that interview?

We saw this and immediately went to watch omg lmao.. I’m about to post it up. 

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a drawing by @Luciagbml on twitter

a drawing by @Luciagbml on twitter

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Tinashe’s feature in V Magazine.

Tinashe’s feature in V Magazine.

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Material Girl.

Material Girl.

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Remix of Tinashe’s cover of Drake’s “Days In The East”

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