How y’all feel about Tinashe’s new single “Pretend”?
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Tinashe’s new single is out!

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Tinashe’s vocal freestyle on Tim Westwood lol so cute

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Rumour has it…

Tinashe is dropping her second single “Pretend” featuring A$AP Rocky TOMORROW.

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TINASHE - Aquarius (Album Trailer)

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Thanks to Odyssey (twitter TheOdd_Life) and her great talent for searching for exclusive Tinashe things lol we can all get a 15 second sneak peek of a scene in Tinashe’s new video “Pretend” featuring A$AP Rocky.

The new single is scheduled to be released this month and everyone is on edge about when tinashenow will give us a release date or at least official artwork. Needless to say, team Tinashe will be on high alert and on the look out for anything new with “Pretend”. 😉✌ -Flow

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Baby: I-I- I- L
Me: I love you?
Baby: I love to get on, I love to get 2 on. When the drink be too strong, when the tree be way too strong
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